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REDCOLLAR RESCUE often takes in animals with very serious medical conditions. Once in our program, they get the best medical care possible, no matter the cost or time involved. Some of our Special Cases are described below with before and after pictures.
Chester with bandage and cone

CHESTER was hit by a car and brought to the shelter where he was set to be euthanized due to his injuries. Red Collar Rescue could not let that happen…we knew we had to help Chester! He had a severely broken and dislocated jaw and a fractured radius and ulna in his left front leg. … Read more

Gremlin after surgery

Gremlin was brought to the ER by his owners with a severely broken jaw. They decided to euthanize him instead of treat him.  RCR was contacted to see if we could give Gremlin the care he needed, and of course we said “Yes!” We took Gremlin to a dental specialist where he had oral surgery… Read more

Reilly after surgery with cone

Reilly, a sweet, injured boy limped into an O’Reilly Auto Parts store!  RCR received an URGENT plea for help, and off we went in our “doggie ambulance” to pick him up! Reilly’s leg was dangling, having been broken in several places, and the skin and tissues from his paw and leg were missing.  The severity of his injury… Read more

Toffee after surgery with cone on

Toffee was picked up as a stray by animal control, with an injury to her front left leg and unable to bear weight.  She had a broken humerus bone and nerve damage to her paw.  Toffee underwent orthopedic surgery to save her leg, and is doing well! She is approximately 11-12 months old, 33 lbs… Read more

Sammie at the vet

Sammie was found injured and unable to walk on side of the road.  She was brought to the shelter, they sent an URGENT plea, and RCR responded. Sammie had a fractured pelvis and fractured left rear hip, along with a skin infection, sores, demodex, and heartworms.  It appears she was not well cared for, even before the accident.  Sammie… Read more

Squirt getting a bath

Squirt’s body was ravaged with thousands of maggots when we rescued him. His eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and head were a gruesome sight to see!  There was a high probability he would not make it, but Squirt surpassed everyone’s expectations! After a week in the ER, Squirt was strong enough to leave!  His left eye… Read more

Heath laying down

Heath was found laying lateral in a ditch, with maggots coming from corner of his eyes, and non-responsive.  RCR rushed him to the ER in critical condition.  Heath was emaciated, dehydrated and unable to move. After several days in critical care on IV fluids and meds, he began to recover, and amazingly survived!  Heath is… Read more

Penguin before surgery

This little guy was found in a ditch, injured and unable to move. He appeared to have been hit by a car. The shelter sent out an URGENT plea! Red Collar Rescue responded and took him immediately to the ER. Penguin was in critical shape with open wounds, broken pelvis, and a shattered and de-gloved… Read more

Roy with a cast and wearing a cone

United States Navy SEALs are notorious for their quick, tactical interventions, and are bound by a code of honor that embraces the practice of never leaving a man behind.  These guiding principles hold particularly true for former special operations legend and real-life “Lone Survivor,” Marcus Luttrell, who recently rescued an injured pup (Roy) from a roadside… Read more

Pepe with cast

Pepe – a Rat Terrier mix, approximately 5 years old and a whopping 8 lbs – was turned in to a local shelter with a broken leg by his prior owners.  REDCOLLAR RESCUE immediately took him into our program and to the vet for his medical needs. After several weeks of casts and bandage changes… Read more

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