REDCOLLAR RESCUE often takes in animals with very serious medical conditions. Once in our program, they get the best medical care possible, no matter the cost or time involved. Some of our Special Cases are described below with before and after pictures.
Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean was hit by a car, knocked into the ditch, and left for dead. His back leg was broken in several places. He had ID, and his owners were contacted, but never came for him. RCR brought Coffee Bean into our family and off to the orthopedic hospital we went. The surgeon operated and… Read more

Copper - Recovered and Adopted

Copper had a rough start and is lucky to be alive! He was hit by a car and couldn’t walk. He almost died on the side of the road, before being picked up by animal control and taken to the shelter. RCR rushed him to the vet where he had orthopedic surgery for a broken… Read more


Journey was injured and barely able to walk. RCR answered the call for help from the city shelter. Turns out Journey had both a broken pelvis and dislocated hip. He underwent orthopedic surgery and came through his recovery like a champ! He has had quite the “journey” in his short life! But only good travels… Read more

Twiggles @ RedCollar Rescue

Twiggles was picked up on the side of the road nearly unresponsive. It appears she had been hit by a car, and laid there unable to move for several days. The ER vets quickly determined she was severely anemic, emaciated, covered in fleas, and had a broken leg. Blood transfusions were immediately started, but it… Read more

Niblet @ RedCollar Rescue

Niblet is only 1 year old and 10 lbs and was hit by a car. She sustained a broken pelvis and dislocated hip, but at her size was lucky to be alive! Niblet had orthopedic surgery and is now recovering and doing well. She is sweet and gentle and needs a nice bed or soft… Read more

Pepper @ RedCollar Rescue

Pepper was picked up by animal control, and due to his injuries, they initially thought he had been shot several times with a shotgun. We rushed him to the vet and after closer inspection, it appeared his wounds were from multiple animal bites. We aren’t sure, but he may have been used as a bait… Read more

Paxton @ RedCollar Rescue

Paxton was severely burned all the way down his back. We don’t know how he was burned, but our hearts hurt just thinking about the pain he had gone through. Despite his horrible condition, he gave lots of kisses to his rescuers. Paxton was sedated and his wounds cleaned, and he was placed on high… Read more

Boyd @ RedCollar Rescue

Boyd was hit by a car that crushed his back right leg and tore off all the skin. His leg was left untreated and was filled with maggots when his owners turned him in to the shelter to be euthanized. RCR rescued Boyd and took him immediately to the orthopedic surgeon, hoping to save his… Read more

Skyla @ RedCollar Rescue

Skyla suffered a severe injury to her right eye while she was trying to survive on the street. Unfortunately, it was beyond repair, and her eye had to be removed. It took a little while for Skyla to learn to navigate with one eye, but she is getting more comfortable every day! And wow is… Read more

Sawyer @ RedCollar Rescue

Sawyer was an extreme cruelty case. He was severely abused at the hands of humans, and then discarded as trash on the brink of death. He had serious medical issues including being severely emaciated, a bullet in his abdomen, multiple pelvic fractures, dislocated hips, a calcified mass in his colon impeding ability to defecate, distended… Read more

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