REDCOLLAR RESCUE often takes in animals with very serious medical conditions. Once in our program, they get the best medical care possible, no matter the cost or time involved. Some of our Special Cases are described below with before and after pictures.
Milton @ RedCollar Rescue

Milton is just a big goofy puppy! He ended up at a local shelter with TWO broken back legs! Poor guy could not even walk, but still had a great attitude and was full of love!ad One of the shelter employees agreed to foster Milton, and RCR took him into our program. Off he went… Read More

Baylor @ RedCollar Rescue

Baylor had severe internal injuries. He suffered a massive diaphragmatic hernia from a blunt trauma. This caused his liver and intestines to migrate into his chest cavity which would have been fatal without immediate surgery. Baylor spent a week in the ER. After a long road to recovery, he was adopted into a wonderful home… Read More

Cecil @ RedCollar Rescue

Cecil was only 5 months old and 8 pounds when he was hit by a car and suffered severe de-gloving injuries where skin and tissue were torn off down to the tendon. He also suffered a fractured pelvis, a fractured femur, and a crushed ankle joint. Cecil had orthopedic surgery to address the fractures and… Read More

Blair @ RedCollar Rescue

Blair had a gunshot wound to her front right leg. She was severely anemic and running a high fever and needed an immediate blood transfusion. Blair had surgery to remove the bone fragments and then a hard cast on her leg to help heal the fracture. She has recovered like a champ with no permanent… Read More

Vincent @ RedCollar Rescue

Vincent had a very painful condition where both the upper and lower eyelids were turned in, so hair from the eyelids rubs the corneas causing partial blindness. Vincent had bilateral upper and lower eyelid entropion surgery which went very well. Today Vincent can happily see his new parents… Read More

Cybill @ RedCollar Rescue

Cybill had a rare bone infection in her front left leg. Bone biopsies were done, specialists were consulted, and IV meds were given. Still the infection continued to spread at an alarming rate. In order to save Cybill’s life, her leg had to be amputated. She has learned to maneuver just fine on 3 legs… Read More

Tipper @ RedCollar Rescue

Tipper’s badly injured leg was amputated at the shelter, but it got infected, the skin started to gangrene and Tipper almost died. It took several weeks of meds, daily hydro-therapy, and a skin graft, but now Tipper is as good as any pup on her 3 legs. She also has a new mom who spoils… Read More

Gengi @ RedCollar Rescue

Gengi had a severely broken pelvis which required orthopedic surgery. In addition, her eyelids required entropion surgery. After a long recovery, Gengi found her forever home with two doctors…how perfect… Read More

Magnolia @ RedCollar Rescue

Magnolia was severely malnourished and weak when rescued, in addition to having a broken tail from trauma. Her tail had to be amputated, and she recovered and now has a cute little powder puff tail. Being a Husky mix, Magnolia is in heaven in her new home near Jackson Hole Wyoming… Read More

Dora Belle @ RedCollar Rescue

Dora Belle was found living under a house. She was a scared puppy with a miserable skin condition causing sores and missing hair on most of her body. After several medicated baths and antibiotics and steroids, Dora Belle began to feel better, and her hair grew back in. She is now a lovely lady with… Read More

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