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REDCOLLAR RESCUE often takes in animals with very serious medical conditions. Once in our program, they get the best medical care possible, no matter the cost or time involved. Some of our Special Cases are described below with before and after pictures.
Raffle with matted hair

When Raffle was rescued, she was so matted you could not even see her eyes!  The mats were very painful, thus she was sedated and shaved. We think Raffle might be a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix…aka a Snorkie!  She is  approximately 3 years old and 14 lbs.  One thing we know for sure…she is super cute! Raffle… Read more

Lancelot on table at the vet

Sir Lancelot was in danger at the shelter due to serious medical problems.  But not to fear…his FREEDOM RIDE came in the form of a REDCOLLAR RESCUE chariot! Lancelot is approximately 8 years old and 25 lbs.  He appeared to have been on the street for a very long time and had numerous medical issues… Read more

Archie at the vet

Archibald (Archie) was spotted weaving in and out of traffic late at night by a good Samaritan, but before they could get to him, another car hit him and left the scene! The good Samaritan rushed Archie to the ER. As fate would have it, a REDCOLLAR RESCUE volunteer was at the ER with another… Read more

Comfort with matted hair

REDCOLLAR RESCUE responded to an URGENT call from the shelter!  Someone brought in an injured dog, found on the side of the road covered in blood and dirt, matted beyond recognition, and unable to walk on her back leg. We named her “Comfort” as she was in great need of some TLC! At first we… Read more

Bayou at Vergi

Found clinging to the banks of the bayou, covered in water, unable to walk, and crying out for help! Bayou had numerous life-threatening injuries including: shattered left femur, multiple pelvic fractures, large hematoma of the abdominal wall, and more. Transferred to Texas A&M animal hospital where she had a CT scan and complex orthopedic surgery… Read more


We rescued Morsel from the shelter and noticed she was straining to go to the bathroom. Bloodwork, urinalysis and x-rays revealed she had a serious life-threatening infection of the uterus called Pyometra. Morsel had emergency surgery to remove the infected uterus and ended up losing a lot of blood and needed a transfusion. She continued… Read more


Experienced intense trauma causing severely broken and dislocated jaw, and missing bone fragments. Apart from the excruciating pain, the injury made it impossible for Zen to eat while on the street, causing emaciation. Due to the severity of the injury, Zen has undergone 3 separate jaw surgeries. Zen found his forever home and is happy… Read more


Amity was only 6 lbs and 9 months old when RCR rescued her from the street with a broken leg, broken tail, broken rib, and severe anemia and dehydration.  Her broken bones were consistent with being hit by something or someone. Amity spent two weeks in intensive care, then she was transferred to an orthopedic… Read more


Found injured and alone, wandering in a park. Calvin had torn ACLs on both of his back legs, making it difficult for him to walk. Over the last few months, Calvin has undergone orthopedic surgeries to repair both of his rear legs, and weekly physical therapy, making him almost good as new! Calvin is approximately 9 years young and… Read more

Rugs Pre-Surgery

Rugs came from a horrible living situation…covered in mats, fleas, and urine. Suffered a complete rupture of her achilles tendon, causing pain and inability to walk! Required orthopedic surgery, followed by 12 weeks of bandages changes and crate rest. Rugs recovered and has found her forever loving home… Read more

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