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Foster a rescue at REDCOLLAR RESCUEFostering a rescued pet is a very rewarding experience! When REDCOLLAR RESCUE takes in a new dog or cat, they are taken immediately to the vet for “the works.” This includes vaccines, spay/neuter, micro-chip, heartworm test (dog), feline HIV / leukemia test (cat), flea & tick medicine, and any other medical treatment necessary. Once healthy enough to leave the clinic, they need a kind and loving foster home while we search for the perfect forever home.

The foster home provides lots of TLC and good food and treats for their foster pet. They also help teach proper manners, such as house-training, crate-training, etc. If possible, we ask the foster parents to help transport their foster pet to adoption events and to the vet for follow-up visits when necessary. REDCOLLAR RESCUE pays for vetting costs, but appreciates any donations that friends, family, or fosters wish to make!

We are also in need of holiday fosters. Due to the high demand of kennel space during the holidays, our kennel rates double and sometimes triple from our rescue kennel rates so we would love to get as many REDCOLLAR RESCUE pets out of the kennels during popular holiday travel times (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Spring Break, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day). You must be an approved REDCOLLAR RESCUE Foster Parent. Please email for details.

Listed below is the sequence of events that REDCOLLAR RESCUE goes through to assure our pets and our foster parents are a great match for each other:

  1. Complete the REDCOLLAR RESCUE foster application form.
  2. After receiving your application, we will verify with your vet the care on your current and/or previous animals.
  3. We will contact you to discuss your current situation and which pet you are interested in fostering.
  4. After discussion, we will arrange a time for you to ‘meet and greet’ your prospective new foster pet.
  5. If the initial meeting goes well, we make an appt and bring the pet to your home to meet all family members – human and furry. At this home visit we will be checking that you have all the items needed to foster a dog (i.e. dog crate, dog food, dog bowls, toys, beds, etc). We supply the dog leash, dog collar, and dog tags.
  6. Upon agreement by all parties, the foster contract is signed (attached to the foster application).

When you foster at RedCollar Rescue, you save a life.Questions about fostering? Visit our Fostering FAQ page or email us at

If you are interested in fostering, please complete the foster application form.

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