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Squirt – Recovered & Adopted

Squirt getting a bath

Squirt’s body was ravaged with thousands of maggots when we rescued him. His eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and head were a gruesome sight to see!  There was a high probability he would not make it, but Squirt surpassed everyone’s expectations!

After a week in the ER, Squirt was strong enough to leave!  His left eye was decayed and had to be removed.  His right eye is damaged, but the ophthalmologist feels he has some vision capability, and it may improve with time.  He is too cute for words…even without hair!

RCR alum Niles’ family had followed Squirts story, and could not wait to make him their new addition. We know they will give Squirt the BEST LIFE ever!

Squirt with stuffed animal
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