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Gremlin – Recovered & Adopted

Gremlin after surgery

Gremlin was brought to the ER by his owners with a severely broken jaw. They decided to euthanize him instead of treat him.  RCR was contacted to see if we could give Gremlin the care he needed, and of course we said “Yes!”

We took Gremlin to a dental specialist where he had oral surgery for bilateral mandible fractures.  The left mandible was stabilized with cerclage wires.  However, the right mandible was fractured with multiple bone fragments and broken teeth, making stabilizing with a wire impossible.  Thus, a suture and button procedure was used to hold the right mandible in place until it can heal on its own.

Gremlin remained in the ER on a feeding tube for several days. Despite his injury, Gremlin is a happy little guy at only 10 weeks old and 5 lbs…AND he has now found his forever home filled with lots of K9 siblings to play with!

Gremlin after surgery
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