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Penguin – Recovered & Adopted

Penguin before surgery

This little guy was found in a ditch, injured and unable to move. He appeared to have been hit by a car. The shelter sent out an URGENT plea! Red Collar Rescue responded and took him immediately to the ER.

Penguin was in critical shape with open wounds, broken pelvis, and a shattered and de-gloved leg. He was stabilized through the night with IV fluids and pain meds. In the morning, he had surgery to have his leg amputated, as it was beyond repair and starting to gangrene.

Penguin, who is only 10 lbs and approximately 1-2 years old, was in critical care for several days.  He quickly recovered, adjusted to 3 legs, and fell in love with his foster parents and foster siblings.  So much so that he wrote them a note asking if he could stay! Needles to say, he found his forever home!  Have the BEST LIFE ever little man!

Penguins handwritten note asking to be adopted
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