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REDCOLLAR RESCUE often takes in animals with very serious medical conditions. Once in our program, they get the best medical care possible, no matter the cost or time involved. Some of our Special Cases are described below with before and after pictures.
Kip recovering

Kip was in critical condition with the often fatal distemper virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. The virus had spread to his brain, and was causing neurological problems. His body had tremors, he was not able to eat or walk on his own, and he was emaciated. The distemper virus had ravaged… Read more

Conrad resting at the vet after surgery

Conrad was brutally attacked with an axe, and found near death by the police.  They rushed him to the shelter, and the staff immediately called RCR for help! Conrad’s front leg was almost severed, and he had deep wounds around his neck.  It took a week in the ER with blood transfusions, IV pain meds… Read more

Alvin at the vet

Alvin was confiscated by authorities in horrific condition from his owner’s back yard after being tethered to a chain that had grown into his neck!  The chain had to be surgically removed.  His wounds had to be covered with a black surgical recovery coat for protection, and to aid in the healing process. In addition… Read more

Nestle before

Nestle’ is just as sweet as candy. Unfortunately her short life before coming to RCR life had not been good. She was hit by a car and ended up at the shelter with multiple pelvic fractures and a broken tail. No owners came for her. She needed rescue in order to see another day! We… Read more


Wrigley is another injured case we were asked to take. The shelter thought her front left paw was injured, but it ended up being much worse. Her elbow was severely broken and dislocated, and the joint had deteriorated beyond repair. Amputation is usually recommended in these cases. But before taking this drastic step, we took… Read more

Scout at Vergi

Scout has survived 2 near-death experiences! As fate would have it, while driving home from another rescue mission, we found Scout on the side of the road. After talking to people in the neighborhood, it was evident that Scout was a stray who had been hit by a car. We were told he had been… Read more


Chewie (Chewbacca) was found roaming the streets in horrible shape and taken to a local shelter. They sent an URGENT plea, and we rushed him to the vet. The first step was to sedate him and carefully shave his coat. Severe matts caused skin sores and extreme discomfort and pain. He also appeared to have… Read more


Durango was found as a stray and was limping on his back leg and taken to the shelter. Unfortunately, radiographs revealed he had a fractured right femur. Shelters do not have the means to fix a broken leg, so Durango’s life was in danger. Due to Durango’s incredibly sweet personality, the shelter staff fell in… Read more

Bosley at hospital

Bosley was another victim of cruelty at the hands of humans!  He was found injured and struggling to walk. He cried in pain when his front paw was touched, so the shelter staff did x-rays and found multiple bones in his foot were fractured.  RCR rushed him to the vet!  Upon further examination, we were… Read more


Liesel was only 10 weeks old and 8 lbs and already in dire straights.  She was brought to the shelter with a dangling and broken front leg.  She appeared to have been dropped or kicked by someone and was in pain and scared at the shelter.  We picked her up and took her directly to… Read more

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