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Reilly – Recovered & Adopted

Reilly after surgery with cone

Reilly, a sweet, injured boy limped into an O’Reilly Auto Parts store!  RCR received an URGENT plea for help, and off we went in our “doggie ambulance” to pick him up!

Reilly’s leg was dangling, having been broken in several places, and the skin and tissues from his paw and leg were missing.  The severity of his injury left no choice but to amputate his leg immediately.

Just as he was beginning to get around on 3 legs, he developed a life-threatening infection under the skin, and had to be rushed back into a second emergency surgery! The necrotic tissue had to be removed, and he required blood transfusions. Then he developed a huge blood clot, and a third surgery was necessary in order to again save his life!

Reilly spent a week in critical care at the ER, but finally was able to leave for a foster home.  And even better news…he now has a loving forever home and is living the great life he deserves!

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