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Rainey, Cyclone and Stormy – Recovered & Adopted

Rainey, Cyclone and Stormy @ RedCollar Rescue

Rainey, Cyclone and Stormy became world-wide celebrities, but for the wrong reason. Their previous owner turned in this family to the pound in such horrible condition that the police were called in to investigate. RCR was contacted for help, and we immediately rushed them to the ER.

Rainey was in the worst shape with two missing limbs. One back leg and one front paw had rotted off. The other two dogs, Stormy and Cyclone, were in bad shape as well with mange, ear and skin infections, heartworms, etc.

The vets at the ER said this was one of the worst cases they had ever seen. Rainey had an immediate blood transfusion followed by an amputation of her back leg. Her front leg was fitted with a prosthesis. All three endured extensive medical care and rehab. They remained amazingly sweet and trusting through their ordeal, and were each adopted into a wonderful loving home!




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