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Wrigley – Recovered & Adopted


Wrigley is another injured case we were asked to take. The shelter thought her front left paw was injured, but it ended up being much worse. Her elbow was severely broken and dislocated, and the joint had deteriorated beyond repair. Amputation is usually recommended in these cases. But before taking this drastic step, we took her to Texas A&M small animal hospital and met with their orthopedic team.

Wrigley had a complicated surgical procedure at A&M called “arthrodesis”, in which metal implants were used to fuse the bones of her fractured elbow together. This unique procedure allowed Wrigley to keep her leg and have some limb function, versus amputation, which is usually done in these cases.

We are so fortunate, as her foster mom is a vet tech at Texas A&M and was able to give Wrigley all the care she needed, and take her back and forth for weekly bandage changes. After caring for Wrigley for such a long time, her foster mom fell in love with Wrigley and is now her forever mom!

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