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Steele – Recovered & Adopted

Baby Steele

Baby Steele was found “unresponsive” at a construction site.  His finder wrapped him in a blanket and took him to the shelter.  He was suffering from hypothermia after being alone outside in the cold all night. His body temperature was so low, it would not even register on the thermometer.  The shelter gave Steele fluids and oxygen.  Slowly, he started to gain consciousness, but needed more medical care than they could provide.  RCR received an URGENT call for help, and took Steele directly to the ER!  He was only 6-8 weeks old and 7 lbs when we were called.

Steele remained in the hospital a few days and was treated for internal parasites, mange, etc. Luckily, he fully recovered and quickly started loving life in his foster home!

Steele has gorgeous steel blue eyes!  We figure he must have some Husky in him. He is a typical happy puppy! Loves, treat, toys, playing with other dogs, and getting lots of attention! Steele is working on his house-training and trying his best to be a good boy! He loves playing with his bigger foster brother, who is amazingly tolerant of his puppy behavior!

We are happy to report that Steele has been adopted. Look at our big boy now! Living his BEST LIFE ever with his new mom!  Way to go Steele! ❤

Baby Steele - recovered
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