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Spirit – Recovered & Adopted


Spirit was found with catastrophic injuries of an unknown origin! He had a HUGE gaping hole (approx 12″ x 6″) on his back that was filled with dirt and gravel. There were also additional lacerations throughout his body.

Spirit was in shock. The ER vets immediately addressed his dangerously low blood pressure with fluids, medications and warming blankets. Examination of his injuries revealed a life-threatening situation.

A noted surgeon was called in to work on Spirit. The surgeon spent 4 hours cleaning out all foreign bodies, debriding the dead tissue, suturing the wounds and putting in drain tubes. Spirit spent two weeks in 24/7 critical care. We held our breath hoping his little body could fight off the raging infection and not develop sepsis.

Spirit lived up to his name! After 15 days, Spirit was released and able to leave the ICU for a foster home. It still took several months of recuperation, but Spirit made it through! He now has a new mom who thinks Spirit hung the moon…and we totally agree!

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