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Shotzie – Recovered & Adopted


Shotzie was minding his own business and laying in his owner’s yard when a guy walking down the street, stopped, pulled out a pistol, and shot Shotzie in the face. The bullet entered through the left cheek/eye and exited out behind the jaw under the left ear, then through the left shoulder and out at the back of the leg.

Shotzie is currently at the vet clinic on pain meds and antibiotics. His left eye is permanently destroyed and is scheduled to be surgically removed. X-rays revealed metal fragments, but no broken bones. Shotzie is a sweet boy with lots of love to give. His prior owner’s relinquished custody as they did not have the means to care for him. The person who shot him was already a convicted felon. Animal cruelty charges are pending.

Through all fo this, he never lost his love of people and now has a loving dad!

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