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Sawyer – Recovered & Adopted

Sawyer @ RedCollar Rescue

Sawyer was an extreme cruelty case. He was severely abused at the hands of humans, and then discarded as trash on the brink of death. He had serious medical issues including being severely emaciated, a bullet in his abdomen, multiple pelvic fractures, dislocated hips, a calcified mass in his colon impeding ability to defecate, distended bladder, dangerously high white blood count and low red blood count, sores all over his body, and much more.

After 37 long days in critical 24-hour care, Sawyer was finally stable enough to leave the hospital and go to a foster home. It was not long before his foster mom and feline foster siblings were smitten with Sawyer, and decided to make him a permanent part of their forever family!

Sawyer’s case is being investigated by police, but so far no leads. See his story on local 2 news and watch our video recap below.

Sawyer @ RedCollar Rescue
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