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Remy – Recovered & Adopted


Remy’s human family packed up one day and moved and left poor Remy behind, locked in a HOT house with no food or water for several days. When the landlord came to clean the house, they found Remy severely emaciated and barely alive. Remy was picked up by Animal Control and taken to BARC. All of his hair was missing and his skin was hard and crusty with sores all over it. In addition, he had ear and eye infections along with heartworms, and he could hardly breathe due to a serious case of pneumonia.

After several weeks in intensive care, Remy started to show signs of improvement. He is out of critical care now, but it will be months before he will be healthy enough for adoption. Despite all the cruelty, Remy is sweet and loving, although understandably shy with new people. His hair never came back, but his spirit did, thanks to his RCR foster mom who adopted him!

Remy’s case in under criminal investigation.

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