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Pete – Recovered & Adopted


Pete was turned into the shelter by his owners in near-death condition. He was horribly emaciated with a life-threatening skin infection, bleeding wounds all over his body, hookworms, anemia, conjunctivitis, and more. Pete smelled of motor oil, and it is suspected that his owner’s practiced the barbaric act of using motor oil to supposedly cure mange, and almost killed Pete.

He spent his first few months of recovery at the vet hospital, and was finally healthy enough to move to a foster home. While in foster care, he healed not only medically, but emotionally. Pete and his foster family (including 2 RCR alums) instantly bonded! Pete knew he was home forever…and so did they!

Pete’s cruelty case is currently under criminal prosecution.

His story was covered by the media. See the coverage on KPRC Channel 2 here and here.

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