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Lonestar – Recovered & Adopted


Lonestar, whose heart is as big as Texas, was in need of major medical care. This one-year-old, 17 lb. baby had been hit by a car and suffered serious injuries. His right front leg was broken in several places, and he had a large deep gash across the back of his neck which required numerous stitches and a suction drain. Yet, the worst wound was on his left flank. The trauma caused an area approximately 7 inches in diameter to gangrene, leaving an open wound with no skin to sew back together, thus requiring daily debridement of dead tissue and laser therapy.

Throughout his treatment, his bandages had to be changed daily, and he received hydrotherapy and laser therapy on his wounds. The ER staff spoiled him big-time, giving him lots of love and attention to help make the experience as pleasant as possible for this little fighter!

Lonestar recovered and has found his forever loving home!

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