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Liesel – Recovered & Adopted


Liesel was only 10 weeks old and 8 lbs and already in dire straights.  She was brought to the shelter with a dangling and broken front leg.  She appeared to have been dropped or kicked by someone and was in pain and scared at the shelter.  We picked her up and took her directly to the orthopedic surgeon.  Her leg was splinted to keep it stable until she was able to have surgery.

After the surgery, the orthopedic vet informed us that the break was older than originally thought, which makes the healing process more difficult.  We were hoping for a good outcome, but knew it will take crate rest and time.

Despite her condition, this little girl is sweet as can be and will only know love from now on! She has now found her forever home and is loving life with her new family!

Liesel healed
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