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Frito – Recovered & Adopted

Frito after surgery

FRITO was turned into the shelter by his owners who claimed he started having seizures after being out all night.  He continued to have seizures at the shelter, and needed emergency vet care ASAP! The two most likely causes of his seizures were trauma to the brain or ingestion of poison, but X-rays and bloodwork ruled out both of these causes.  Then, Frito started turning red and swelling!  He was having an anaphylactic shock!  At only 3 years old and 7 lbs, his little body had a life-threatening reaction!  The ER gave him anti seizure medics, steroids, and antihistamines. After shaving his hair, the culprit was found!  He had a wasp or bee sting on his side, the obvious cause of his condition!

Frito has fully recovered, is now perfectly healthy, and he has found his forever home!

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