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Edge – Recovered & Adopted


Edge came to RCR when we received an SOS call from the shelter begging us to help this little 11 lb. guy who had been attacked by another animal and was in critical condition. We rushed him to the ER where he was immediately put on IV fluids and pain meds for shock.

X-rays revealed life-threatening injuries including a fractured and displaced jaw, multiple pelvic fractures, deep lacerations and muscle trauma on his shoulder, and possible internal injuries. At the recommendation of the ER vet, we drove this little bundle of love, now named “Edge”, to Texas A&M.

After much testing, dental x-rays and a CT scan – all of which required anesthesia – the doctors determined he would need surgery to repair his fractured and displaced jaw and surgery for his multiple pelvic fractures. This little guy had a long way to go, but he continued to show us he wanted to live!

Edge’s entire vet team fell in love with him and were dedicated to making him as good as new!

After three weeks of intensive care including surgeries, feeding tubes, wound care and more, Edge was able to leave the hospital in the arms of a loving foster mom! His dream came true, and he has a loving home to call his own!

Check out the videos of Edge’s progress:
At the Hospital
Leaving the Hospital
Happy and Running



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