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Durango – Recovered & Adopted


Durango was found as a stray and was limping on his back leg and taken to the shelter. Unfortunately, radiographs revealed he had a fractured right femur. Shelters do not have the means to fix a broken leg, so Durango’s life was in danger. Due to Durango’s incredibly sweet personality, the shelter staff fell in love with him, and pleaded with us to help him!

Durango had orthopedic surgery to repair his fractured right femur. It required a bone plate and screws, and several weeks of crate rest and bandage changes. Durango healed physically and emotionally and loves everyone he meets!

Durango now has his own special dad who is retired and takes him with him everywhere he goes! They are totally bonded! We know Durango is having his BEST LIFE ever! ❤️

Durango after
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