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Diana Prince – Recovered & Adopted

Diana Prince

Savagely attacked, but alive! Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) was found by an RCR volunteer at a construction site, injured, bloody, and too weak to move.  We rushed her to the vet.  They sedated her and shaved her hair and found the damage to be much worse than originally anticipated.

Surgery took three hours to clean, clip and suture her wounds, requiring over 100 staples and multiple drains.  The wounds had already become gangrenous, and massive amounts of decayed tissue had to be removed.  Diana was transferred to the 24-hour critical care hospital for post-surgical wound care and pain management.

She is about 2 years old and 25 lbs. Only a Super Power could survive such massive injuries! Now, the super woman is living the life with her new forever family!

Diana Prince Diana Prince
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