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Comfort – Recovered & Adopted

Comfort with matted hair

REDCOLLAR RESCUE responded to an URGENT call from the shelter!  Someone brought in an injured dog, found on the side of the road covered in blood and dirt, matted beyond recognition, and unable to walk on her back leg.

We named her “Comfort” as she was in great need of some TLC!

At first we thought she was hit by a car.  But on further exam, we were shocked to learn that the poor girl’s coat has been severely matted for so long, that it literally cut off the blood supply to her leg, causing the tissue to rot and die.  Comfort was sedated, and her severely matted coat filled with blood, feces, urine, and dirt, was shaved.  The fur had tightened around her leg until it cut off circulation, causing the leg to gangrene.  There was no choice but to amputate her leg.  She also had horribly rotten teeth, which had to be pulled. We can only imagine the pain that she had been in for a very long time!

We believe she may have belonged to a “backyard breeder” and was discarded when she could no longer produce puppies.  She is approximately 10 years old and 20 lbs., and we think she is a Cocker Spaniel / Poodle mix…aka Cockapoo.

Despite her condition, Comfort is sweet and gentle, and she loved getting attention from the vet staff.  Comfort went to a foster home to recover, and became a whole new little lady!  She learned to get around on 3 legs with no problems, and can eat soft food perfectly fine with no teeth.  Though her tongue does hang out most of the time, we think it makes her look extra cute and special!

Despite all she went through, Comfort is a happy girl today! She is enjoying her BEST LIFE ever with her new forever mom!

Comfort with open wound Comfort in pink sweater
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