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Cinderella and Prince – Recovered & Adopted

Cinderella and Prince

Cinderella and Prince were left at a vacant home alone for weeks when the renters moved out. After a telephone complaint, HPD investigated and what they found was horrendous. Cinderella had been chained up outside with no food, water, or shelter and the area she was confined to was covered in feces and ants. She was severely emaciated, had extreme muscle atrophy and hookworms and was high heartworm positive. Prince was left locked inside the house which was stifling hot with no electricity, food or water. He was severely underweight, had raw lesions on his legs and significant muscle atrophy and was shy, fearful and touch sensitive. He also had hair loss on front and hind legs and around his eyes and ears.

We were lucky enough to find a loving foster home that nursed Cinderella and Prince back to health and then adopted them! They are definitely living the good life now!

Two people were arrested in conjunction with this crime, prosecuted and found guilty. Both people were sentenced to jail time – one received 200 days and the other received two months.

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