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Bosley – Recovered & Adopted

Bosley at hospital

Bosley was another victim of cruelty at the hands of humans!  He was found injured and struggling to walk. He cried in pain when his front paw was touched, so the shelter staff did x-rays and found multiple bones in his foot were fractured.  RCR rushed him to the vet!  Upon further examination, we were shocked to discover that the femur on Bosley’s left rear leg was also shattered from being shot, and he had at least 5 pellets in his body.  Such an act of violence against a sweet defenseless animal!

The first step was to surgically repair Bosley’s front foot.  Then, after it fully heals, his fractured femur would be addressed.

After surgically repairing his front foot with pins, he was on crate rest with weekly bandage changes.

We are so happy to report that Bosley has found his forever home!

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