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Argyle – Recovered & Adopted

Argyle @ RedCollar Rescue

Found as a stray wearing only a ragged sweater, Argyle was missing most of his fur. The city pound sent out a rescue plea for this sweet boy, whose skin condition, along with a heavy heartworm burden, made him “unadoptable.” But RCR knew that all Argyle needed was some good old fashioned TLC. With the help of a amazing foster home, complete with cats, dogs, kiddos, and farm animals, Argyle slowly healed and learned the joys of living as part of a devoted family. Today, Argyle is heartworm free and his foster home is now his forever home. And although not all of his hair will grow back, what Argyle lacks in fur, he makes up for tenfold in love.

Argyle @ RedCollar Rescue
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