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Amity and Miracle – Recovered & Adopted


Amity was only 6 lbs and 9 months old when RCR rescued her from the street with a broken leg, broken tail, broken rib, and severe anemia and dehydration.  Her broken bones were consistent with being hit by something or someone.

Amity spent two weeks in intensive care, then she was transferred to an orthopedic surgeon to repair her broken femur.  Many x-rays were taken along the way, which showed no signs of pregnancy.  She could not be spayed yet, due to her injuries.

A couple months later, Amity appeared ill one evening and was rushed to the ER.  She delivered a surprise puppy, who was not breathing, but miraculously the ER vets were able to save him!  It is truly a Miracle that this one little puppy made it to full term, considering everything his poor mother had been through!

While Amity was nursing the puppy, she re-injured her bad leg, which had never fully healed, and unfortunately, it had to be amputated.  But nothing kept Amity down!  She is fast and agile, and happiest when she is in a lap!  Her puppy, Miracle, is a typical playful pup!  They are truly the amazing duo who have survived the odds numerous times!

We are so happy to report that Amity and Miracle have found their forever home!  We are so excited that they get to live the happy and full life they deserve!


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